JADEL Electronics has leveraged its 30 years serving small and mid-size businesses in the New Jersey Tri-State area and created a set of programs and services that allow our clients to focus on their core businesses - without the distraction and cost of IT problems.

The name 'JADEL Electronics' does more to describe the origin of the organization than it does to describe its current operations and functions. The original purpose of Jadel was to provide services for the creation and maintenance of custom electronic products. This included all phases from the original conception of the idea for the product, the initial design, breadboarding and prototyping required to develop the product, and finally to create the final product. These were mostly small-quantity custom devices to suit the needs of specific applications.

Over time, as the needs of our clients changed, so did the services we provided. Companies began to request assistance with their data processing, many times based on the fact that their own data processing departments were used to maintain their full-blown acounting systems. However, they were unable to respond quickly to uncommon requests that related to data processing.

When one of these companies would contact us for assistance, we were generally able to turn around a job in a matter of days that would have taken months if done by their in-house IT department. Soon we were doing some of these functions simply because we could do them quicker for a much lower cost.

The first substantial diversion from the electronics field came when customers requested assistance with scientific calculations that were perfect for the microcomputers of that period. For example, we have generated the physical/structural tables for various assemblies of wire and cable, which generated manufacturing data and data tables for sales brochures.

We then expanded this capability beyond simple structural specifications into the more complex area of generating 'performance' specifications for related products, including the previously-mentioned wire and cable assemblies, but expanding to the calculations required to determine, for example, the thermal characteristics of insulated tubing and pipe. An extension of this centered on multiple insulated tubes which could transmit steam and other hot materials over distances where the jacket temperature could not exceed specified limits.

We currently provide assistance in areas including website design, data management (mailing lists, sales prospect lists, etc.), custom programs to manage data or perform repetitive calculations, technicial documentation and many other types of data management functions which would be too numerous to mention here.

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